PAE context menu plugin for Cytoscape

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2005-11-08 (v0.3)
Now the plugin has the attributes files needed inside the .jar file. Now installing is as easy as copying the file in the plugins/ folder from Cytoscape. (thanks to Samuel Wu from the Cytoscape's mailing list).

2005-07-15 (v0.2)
Plugin updated to work with Cytoscape v2.1
Plugin moved to a new home at unofficial Cytoscape resources project

Old news

Source files uploaded to project page

Files uploaded to the project page

What is pae-context?

pae-context is a plugin for Cytoscape to add a context menu showing some offline information and a link to website for more detailed information.

It adds to the context menu a Pseudomonas aeruginosa menu with the following information:



Just download the .jar file from the project page and copy it to Cytoscape plugins/ folder.


Author: Márcio Rosa da Silva
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