ShortestPath finder plugin for Cytoscape

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2005-07-13 (v0.3)
Added a dialog to choose if the source and target (selected) nodes should be exchanged before calculating the shortest path.

2005-07-13 (v0.2.1)
Now the method getShortestPath() is really public (it wasn't in 0.2 as said) and 2 new methods where added: setDirected() and setUndirected().

2005-07-13 (v0.2)
2005-07-12 (v0.1)
Initial release.

What is?

This plugin will show the shortest pathway between 2 nodes in the current network.

How to use

Select 2 nodes in the network and call the plugin. There are 2 options in the plugin menu: directed (consider the direction of the edges) and undirected (doesn't consider direction).

Using the getShortestPath() method directly

If you want to use the shortest path functionality in your plugin, you can call it directly using the getShortestPath() method. Use it this way:

  import csplugins.mrsva.ShortestPath
  ShortestPath sp = new ShortestPath();
  sp.setDirected(); // or sp.setUndirected();
  int[] path = sp.getShortestPath(source,target);

For more information, look at the javadoc.


Download the files from the project page. Then just put the .jar file in the plugins folder of Cytoscape.


Here you can find the javadoc of this plugin.


Author: Márcio Rosa da Silva
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